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Welcome.Solutions.Case Studies.About Us.
Welcome.Solutions.Case Studies.About Us.
Case Studies

Plumber Leaking Money

He has been in business for a number of years. He has seen tough times
before. He used to work a lot on new builds. Since that market has almost dried up (excuse the pun) he has been working on small jobs. Like fixing  leaking pipes, dripping taps etc. Even the bathroom and kitchen
instillations are few and far between.

He wants two solutions. He wants an extra stream of income and wants to make sure that as soon as someone needs a plumber they think of him.

I recommend that he use a simple bit software to keep in touch with his
clients. He can also use the other systems to generate extra income. The
set up is virtually free and not stock to buy this can integrate
perfectly with your business. Find out more enter your details below.
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