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Welcome.Solutions.Case Studies.About Us.
Case Studies

Hairdresser May Have to Make Cuts!

She opened her first salon a year or so ago. She has seen a steady growth
in trade . There is still away to go before she is making a healthy profit.
Each week she worries if she will take enough to cover her out goings.
She has been asking herself if this was the right time to open a new salon?

She worried that her clients may cut back on how often the come in to get
their hair done. She wanted away to keep in touch with her clients to
inform them of special offers.

She had looked at adding new services. This meant that she would have to
spend out more money. There is no guarantee this will even make a profit.

She was looking for away to generate more income without costing her to
set up.

I recommend a simple bit of software to help stay in touch with clients
via email. It can also be use to begin a relationship with new customers.

I also recommend two systems that I use to bring in extra streams of
income. it’s easy to recommend these products to her clients while
she is cutting the clients hair. There is no stock to buy. The set up is
virtually free. The fact she can recommend the products and services
while she is cutting hair, means that it takes up very little of her time.

To find out how you can integrate this in to your business enter your
details below.
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